Climate change depresses beer drinkers – environment – 13 September 2009 – New Scientist

IF THE sinking Maldives aren’t enough to galvanise action on climate change, could losing a classic beer do it?

It DOES=( モルディブが沈むという話だと引越し費用があれば足りるじゃないかという人でもビールがなくなると困るという人は実際たくさんいそうだ…。

但し”a classic beer”なので別にビールが全部なくなるわけじゃない。

Climatologist Martin Mozny of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and colleagues say that the quality of Saaz hops – the delicate variety used to make pilsner lager – has been decreasing in recent years. They say the culprit is climate change in the form of increased air temperature.