Twitter話題(ソーシャルメディアを使った予想)ついでに、Twitterがどこから収益を得ているのかについて(ht @gshibayama):

Twitter Has a Business Model: ‘Promoted Tweets’

The promoted tweet is one of three streams of revenue Twitter will have available, including a data fee from search engines indexing Twitter in real time, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and the coming “professional accounts.”


  1. Promoted Tweet
  2. Data Fee
  3. Professional Account

Promoted Tweet

まずは今回導入されたPromoted Tweetだ。

Twitter is expected an answer to both questions on Tuesday in the form of “promoted tweets,” which will put ads on Twitter, first in search results and later in user feeds both on and the myriad third-party clients […]

Promoted TweetはTwitterサイトの検索結果やタイムライン、そしてサードパーティークライアントへとTweetの形で広告を配信する。通常のTweet同様、RTしたりFavoriteにしたりできる。

Twitter is developing a performance model that could be the basis for pricing based on a metric called “resonance” — impact judged on how much a tweet is passed around, marked as a favorite or how often a user clicks through a posted link.


Data Fee


Professional Account

Professional accounts will include the ability to have multiple users on one account — much like some of the clients such as CoTweet do today — plus a dashboard that shows what’s happening with a brand on Twitter and integration with promoted tweets.



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